LG confirms the launch of its artificial intelligence platform

As rumours have it, LG will present a smartphone with a new artificial intelligence platform at the MWC (Mobile World Congress). This will be used with the camera and will include new voice commands.

Last week we relayed a leak in our columns coming from South Korea. This confirmed in part certain rumours about LG, namely that the Korean firm would not have to present a new flagship product at the Mobile World Congress. Instead, it would offer a new version of its V30, called V30s according to local media sources. The particularity of this new declination would be to boast more storage than the previous ones, but also to propose completely new services based on artificial intelligence.

A “not so” new version of the V30

Today, LG partially confirms the information from the Korean press. In a press release, the brand explains that it will present a “2018 version of the V30” without explaining what the changes will be.

We do not expect that this evolution of our flagship smartphone at the end of 2017 will benefit from a technical platform change. Especially since the Snapdragon 845 should, like its predecessor, initially be unavailable because of Samsung. This new V30, whose name is not confirmed, will be made official in Barcelona during the press conference that LG will organise there in two weeks.

In its press release, LG explains that the great strength of this model will be the integration of new technologies related to artificial intelligence. As this was revealed by the Korean press, these technologies will be primarily related to photography. The smartphone will be able to recognize objects it takes pictures of, whether they are items to buy, images to look for on the Internet or codes to scan. LG will not call it LG Lens, but AI Vision. The system will not only be able to analyze the contents of the photo, but also the shooting conditions to automatically propose appropriate settings.

A customized version of Google Assistant

Photography will not be the only beneficiary of this new artificial intelligence platform. Voice commands will also be available. LG officializes Voice AI, a new list of exclusive commands that users can use with Google Assistant. There were already two dozen in 2017. This figure will be increased to 32 in the course of 2018. Among the new entries, note for example “Shopping Search” which makes it possible to search the Internet for a product according to the photo displayed or captured.

The V30 is certainly one of the best smartphones from LG so far. It meets all market expectations. It has one of the best technical platforms of 2017. And the firm’s new strategy based on a slower pace of launches (and more in line with consumer mobile device renewal habits) seems to be a good idea. But on the eve of the release of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, both hosting a more modern platform (based on Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810), is it really enough to launch a V30 powered by artificial intelligence? Certainly not, no. And that’s why the G7 (or whatever its name is) will soon arrive…