The Biggest Advances in Photography Tech Over the Past Decade

photography technology

In the last decade, there have been some significant advances in photography tech. The most dramatic change has been the rise of smartphones. While many photographers argue that phones are not real cameras, they have revolutionised the way we take photos and virtually replaced the compact point-and-shoot camera. Today, 6.6 billion people worldwide own smartphones.

Mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter than DSLRs. This means better portability. Lightweight cameras are great for various types of photography, and they can be packed with more lenses. Additionally, mirrorless cameras can operate at slower shutter speeds, which means better quality images.

Modern mirrorless cameras feature hybrid phase and contrast-detect pixels. They have the ability to detect subjects, face and eye movements, and even track fast moving subjects. They also have the ability to do in-camera post-processing. The latest models have enough processing power to handle real-world pro shooting.

The new mirrorless cameras also use digital screens to compose images. The technology has been adopted from cellphones and digital point-and-shoot cameras, and the cameras have high-definition screens and tilts to accommodate odd-angle compositions. Mirrorless cameras have live view technology, which is another major advantage over DSLRs. DSLRs often have a slower live view system than mirrorless cameras, and are also designed for video applications.

While DSLRs still have their place in the world of photography, mirrorless cameras have paved the way for the future of the medium. They’re quiet, fast, and can shoot video. A mirrorless camera’s simpler mechanism allows it to capture more frames per second, which can be extremely useful for fast-moving subjects.

The biggest improvements in photography tech over the past decade

In-body image stabilisation

In-body image stabilisation is a relatively recent innovation in the world of photography. Unlike the lens-based IS that has been around since the 1990s, in-body IS compensates for camera shake by moving the sensor in the body. This allows photographers to use slower shutter speeds without sacrificing image sharpness.

It’s also possible to find a camera that features in-body IS, though most manufacturers have opted for lens-based versions. Cameras with this feature are much less bulky than cameras that don’t use it. In-body image stabilisation is more effective in more situations than lens-based IS. The former is only effective for a handful of conditions, such as macro shots, while the latter is effective for most wide-angle and telephoto shots.

The newest models are equipped with sensors that detect what type of movement is present in the scene, which means that they automatically switch on stabilization when the camera is mounted on a tripod. This makes the camera weight less and reduces the risk of camera roll rotation. Such photography equipment is used by professional photographers such as this one, all around the world!

AI-powered editing software

AI-powered editing software can do much more than make your images look pretty. The software also works to make them look better by automatically correcting any mistakes you make. The program comes with a variety of presets that you can use to achieve a desired look. For example, you can choose to adjust the contrast, brightness, or saturation of a photo, or add a mask to make it look more interesting. AI-powered editing software is now widely available to photographers who wish to improve the quality of their photographs.

AI-powered editing software allows photographers to get better results faster. It also makes photography more accessible. Before, advanced photography was reserved for professionals. With AI, even non-professionals can learn the basics of photography. A few companies are developing AI-powered editing software to make it easier for people to make great photographs.

Topaz offers a complete suite of AI-powered editing software, including photo sharpening and noise reduction. It also features one-click presets that make editing easier for people of all experience levels. The software is user-friendly for people with little to no experience, and it’s equally suitable for seasoned professionals. All you need to do is select the preset that suits your photography style and start editing. The AI-powered software will automatically optimize your photos according to the preset you choose, and you’ll see the results almost immediately.

Wireless connectivity

Cameras with built-in WiFi allow you to control your camera using a computer or a smartphone application. Some cameras can also be connected to cellular networks. Typically, these cameras send standard definition video to a television. Some cameras can even send photos to another device via email.

New Technologies That Should Change the World in 2023

new technologies 2023

Bionic ears and other technology that allows you to hear through your device are a few of the new technologies that should change the world in 2023. These new technologies could help us hear sounds that are close to us as well as nature sounds. In addition, the packaging of foods should improve greatly. In 2023, packaging may even be completely reinvented.

5G technology will connect autonomous vehicles and drones

The development of 5G technology will make it possible to send and receive videos, photos, and other types of data at extremely high speeds. This connectivity will also enable self-driving vehicles to interact with traffic lights and smart roads. However, this will require a reliable, low-latency connection. A minimum connection speed of 100Mbps is needed for media streaming. With 5G, that minimum connection speed can be increased to several gigabits per second, allowing users to watch multiple high-quality video streams or switch between camera feeds without delay.

While autonomous vehicles and drones aren’t likely to hit the road for several years, the advent of 5G technology is an exciting development. It could enable the development of fully autonomous driving vehicles, which will be able to make their own decisions while travelling. A mesh networking system between connected cars could make them safer than human drivers. However, there are some potential obstacles that could derail the self-driving utopia. For example, EU regulators are currently developing guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in vehicles.

New technologies that should change the world in 2023

Web3 technology will revolutionize commerce

By 2023, Web3 technology will fundamentally change the way we access information and commerce. Essentially, it will make it possible to list both digital and physical ‘things’ on an open, liquid digital market. Until now, information has been largely siloed in proprietary online networks. However, the advent of zero marginal cost of distribution and consumer demand for content led to the development of a unified, searchable internet of information. While commerce has been slower to catch up, this new technology could change the way consumers interact with products and services.

Web3 technology is already transforming other industries. For example, the financial industry has begun to experiment with using it to build decentralized digital currencies and assets. It also makes it possible to create individualized tokens for people, assets, and trackable items. The technology is also enabling platform agnostic data management.

Edge computing technology will allow objects to process data on their own

Edge computing is a new technology that enables objects to process data on their own without the need for central processing. It can be used to reduce latency, reduce hardware and network costs, and improve performance. It can also reduce overall network and compute loads. Edge computing is being embraced by more companies, from startups to enterprise organizations.

The technology will become more sophisticated, as organizations can take advantage of IoT and other transformational digital business applications. By 2023, it is estimated that more than 50 percent of new enterprise IT infrastructure will be deployed at the edge, replacing the traditional corporate data center model. This will lead to faster computing and enhanced end-user experiences.

Machine learning will drive computing as a service

Machine learning is already transforming the way we interact with the Internet. Think of websites that recommend products based on what you’ve purchased in the past. Retail sites use machine learning to personalize shopping experiences and implement marketing campaigns. They analyze customer data to determine patterns and predict potential problems. This kind of technology is also used in the transportation industry, where transportation companies are relying on data analysis to find efficient routes and identify problems before they occur.

Machine learning platforms are becoming a popular choice for enterprise customers. They cover a wide range of activities including data collection, model building, training, and application deployment. There are several key vendors in the market.

Artificial intelligence

AI is an emerging technology that has captured the attention of scientists, engineers, and business leaders. Its potential to transform many industries and create new opportunities is making leaders in all sectors look to this technology as a way to create value. Several leading companies have already made significant investments in AI. Companies like Facebook and Alibaba have taken steps toward commercializing it. Other companies like GE are focusing large portions of their R&D on developing industrial applications powered by AI. These smart applications can help mitigate climate change or develop better preventative healthcare through predictive modeling.

While deepfake videos have become popular, they have not yet replaced jobs like factory workers or customer service reps. They have, however, relieved animators from mundane tasks and allowed them to focus on creative tasks. With motion capture technology, AI is creating new forms of content that combines humans and AI. For example, the need to record speech or film in videos will be replaced by synthetic data. Instead of recording the speech or film, users will simply type in the desired content into generative tools and AI will create it for them.

Why should you choose WordPress hosting?


t’s not always easy to find a web host that can best suit your needs, but fear not, we’ll help you out. In case you decide to install the themes you like the most on your site, WordPress is the best option to choose. All you have to do is to make a simple and easy subscription to access the multiple benefits that WordPress offers you.

WordPress hosting overview

In order to take advantage of the different WordPress categories, you will first need to choose a hosting type, after which you can begin the installation of WordPress to reprogram your site to the new tools available on WordPress. Also be aware that:

  • The servers load every WordPress file your site will need the minute you access it. You just need to run the file upload request directly;
  • You can also choose the auto-posting option so that the files appear on your website without you having to make the request;
  • The process consists of the databases sending every file on the server to your page using the content insertion option;
  • As the WordPress page loads, the server will take care of sending it directly to the browser you are using. The browser will then translate the WordPress page to display it correctly and appropriately on your site.
Wordpress website

What you can be sure of is that it never takes too long to load the WordPress files. It is possible to come across a site that is slow to open. Generally, this technical problem is due to the following reasons:

The server you are using is not powerful enough or there are a lot of users using the same browser as you;
It could also be a problem with your databases, you may have run several queries at the same time;
A network problem that prevents the HTML page sent from WordPress from loading properly. It could also be a technical problem with the file transfer option.

Which WordPress hosting should I choose?

WordPress hosting is based on two essential components, the first is that you are going to need to have enough space so that you can store every file on your homepage. You will need a database so that your content can be saved.

It is possible to take advantage of other offers that the WordPress host offers, but the truth is that you won’t really need them, because these offers are not very useful especially if it is for an administrative platform.

What is the cPanel for?

The cPanel allows you to better manage your site, especially in relation to the organization of your emails. It also allows you to modify your domain name and to establish some modifications that allow you to redirect your visitors to other pages.

As a general rule, all of the services that you will be able to find on WordPress are closely linked to the domain name that you have. Remember that the domain name is the name of your website.

It is certain that web hosts differ. It is therefore preferable to opt for a host that best suits what you offer on your site. As an example, you can choose the so-called associative sites offer which attracts more and more people today. In addition to that, we remind you that the use of WordPress is completely free, so it’s up to you to see what suits you best.

What is a web host and how to recognize a good one?

You just read earlier about the reasons that should convince you to choose WordPress web hosting. Did you know that for a site like WordPress to work, you need a good web host? A web host is a platform that will take care of all the maintenance of your site, improve bugs etc. It is also depending on the web host that you can have a smooth site, which does not lag when visitors go on it. It is important to make the difference between a web host like WordPress and a web hosting. Your website cannot live without a web host, it’s like having your own home.

Web hosting doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it has to be chosen carefully, and even more so if your site has a commercial approach and your customers can buy directly from it. Here is more information that will help you recognize a good web host.


It is very important to have a very large storage space, even an unlimited storage space. Indeed, if your storage space is too small, you will not be able to put as many pages as you want, you may have to reduce the quality of images etc. And if your business grows, chances are your website will too. Know that a good website increases considerably the number of sales and visits by extension your turnover.

Server security


If your current website is not secure, potential customers will not buy. If your customers have to make a payment by credit card, they must be sure that everything is secure. For this, the web host must install an SSL certificate. This certificate is represented by the padlock and the mention https at the beginning of your address. The difference between the number of purchases on a secure site and on a site that is not is very important because it is part of the requirements of buyers. The fear of having your data stolen is very present on the internet and it is essential that you take this into account.

24/7 support

Having to create a website for your company does not mean that you know anything about computers. When the site bugs, you don’t necessarily know how to go about updating a page. It is important that your web host can help you at any time. If you are down on the weekend or at night, the technical support must be available anyway. Remember to check that support is available every day of the week and at all hours.

Lithium metal battery to give electric vehicles greater range by 2025

new Lithium metal battery

The company SES has introduced a new generation of electric batteries that promises to double the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. According to the company’s founder, these lithium-metal batteries could be commercially available within two to three years.

The SES company recently introduced a new electric battery that was billed as “revolutionary.” This lithium-metal battery promises to double the energy density of currently marketed lithium-ion batteries. By removing the graphite from the anode, SES has saved weight and space on its batteries.

A new generation of lithium-metal batteries?

Solid-state batteries have always been touted as the Holy Grail of electric vehicles. They promise to increase the range and reduce the charging time of electric vehicles. A way to convince even more consumers to switch to electric vehicles. The company SES is developing solid state batteries.

China’s Geely unveils Homtruck, an electric truck to compete with Tesla
Last week, the company presented a prototype of a lithium-metal battery. To put it simply, SES eliminated the graphite from the anode, which is the part of the battery that accepts lithium ions during charging. Instead, the new battery has a pure lithium metal anode. This saves space.

To accomplish this, SES had to find a way to handle pure lithium, a highly reactive metal. When used as an anode, pure lithium often leads to the premature death of batteries. To make lithium metal anodes safe and durable, the company found a way to channel the formation of dendrites. If they get too large, the dendrites can fill the gap between the anode and cathode and set the electrolyte on fire. This was the risk feared by most manufacturers.

Several automakers are already on board

SES is currently working with General Motors, Hyundai, Geely and Foxconn. The company is building a factory in Shanghai that should be completed in 2023. According to Qichao Hu, the company’s CEO: “Actually, it’s mainly salt. This new liquid is very stable on lithium metal, very safe, non-flammable, non-volatile, non-organic”.

A certified testing organization even drove a nail into a battery without causing a fire, which you can’t do with lithium-ion batteries developed today. The company monitors its batteries using artificial intelligence models trained on data collected from the batteries, looking for defects or variations that could potentially lead to problems.

Electric batteries are at the heart of what automakers are thinking about. They are the ones that will allow them to differentiate themselves by offering greater autonomy to their electric vehicles. Last year, for example, PSA announced the creation of a gigafactory in France to produce electric batteries. Electric vehicles are beginning to be democratized (in 2020, Norway sold more electric vehicles than thermal vehicles), but there are still gaps, particularly in terms of batteries.

Gearbest site is down, customers in total uncertainty

Inaccessible for several days, Gearbest seems dead. According to several sources, the owner of the famous Chinese high-tech e-commerce site is about to declare bankruptcy.
A sudden closure, which leaves the customers of AliExpress’ competitor distraught.

Gearbest brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic

Gearbest has been inaccessible for several days and it seems that it is not ready to return. According to Gizchina, the parent company of AliExpress’ main competitor is about to declare bankruptcy. This former high-tech bargain spot would not have withstood the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first signs were clear: soaring prices on its flagship products, policy changes that were hurting its affiliate partners, loss of customer service quality, pending refunds… the list is long.

Already in 2020, most of the site’s products were out of stock, and when customers did find what they were looking for, Gearbest had trouble fulfilling orders. Those that were were experiencing huge delays. With these logistic problems, a disastrous customer service, and prices not as attractive as before, customers started to desert the site in favor of other solutions like AliExpress and others.

Total uncertainty for the customers

For those who remained, the situation is complicated. With Gearbest’s sudden closure and without a word, customers who recently placed orders are being hurt.

One of them confirmed to our colleagues the impossibility of claiming a cancellation of his order of connected watch, which he has been waiting for a few months. Many other people with an active order should find themselves in the same case, the management of customer service is done mainly by a chat … available only on the site.

And since the refunds requested before the unavailability of the site are still desperately awaited, the situation is likely to become even more complicated at the time of the official closure of the online sales site.

The concern and discontent are similar on the side of the many sites that offer affiliate links to Gearbest. If they have allowed the site to grow and to make a good reputation, the vast majority of them have not received any affiliate income for many months. “They haven’t paid me the more than $1,000 they owe me since March 2020 and I haven’t received a single cent since then,” says one of the partners. In the meantime, the Chinese company is hiding in a morbid silence and refuses to comment on the situation

CBD Vaporizer – The New Trendy Tech Product for Stoners

cbd vaporizer reviewed

Cannabis consumption is quickly rising around the globe, with many countries like the US and Israel legalizing its use.

More and more cannabis enthusiasts prefer to vaporize CBD rather than smoke it through joints or ingesting hemp-based products. But to take advantage of all the benefits of the cannabidiol found in the plants, it is still necessary to know how to vaporize it well.

Here are some of our pieces of advice.

Why should you vaporizer cannabinoids?

If the vaporization of CBD meets a growing success, it is because it is much more effective than other modes of consumption of weed or cannabis.

The proportion of CBD absorbed by the body, also called bioavailability, is much more important when vaporizing the product. The bioavailability of CBD is thus around 20% when you use a weed vaporizer as opposed to about 8% by ingestion. Moreover, when you swallow hemp products, it may take some time before the effects are felt. When vaporizing your CBD, it is easier to benefit from CBD quickly and to dose your product. Besides, vaporizing CBD has the reputation of being healthier. Indeed, by vaporizing cannabinoids, you do not inhale the harmful substances produced by combustion. To get the most from your sessions, it is crucial to control the process to get the most out of your hemp and obtain the desired effects. This control is achieved by controlling the right vaporizing temperature and choosing the right vaporizer.

The Pax 3 vaporizer

Choosing the right vaporizing temperature

A vaporizing temperature that is too low will make the cannabinoids evaporate poorly. But if you overheat the product, the hemp will burn and thus emit toxic substances. To get the most of your product, the CBD should be vaporized between 160 and 220°C. The choice of the vaporizing temperature depends on the variety of cannabis and the desired effect. Each cannabinoid present in your hemp has its evaporation point: 180°C for CBD and 150 to 198°C for the different terpenes. If you want a calming and euphoric CBD to vaporize, you can heat the product between 160 and 180°C. The high effect is enhanced at higher temperatures above 190°C and up to 220°C.

Vaporizing CBD will then be more effective in relieving severe pain, sleep problems, or depressive states. Be careful, however, not to increase the vaporizer temperature too much, as the combustion of the plants happens from 220 to 230°C. Finally, if you use grass to vaporize CBD, the temperature must be modulated according to the plant’s moisture. A parched grass vaporizes very quickly and can require to revise the temperature downwards. On the contrary, if the plant is too wet, it can be challenging to extract the cannabinoids. Some vaporizers then make it possible to heat the cannabis between 130 and 150°C to make a flavonoid cycle before vaporizing the CBD.

Choosing the right CBD vaporizer

Quality equipment will allow you to vaporize your CBD effectively to enjoy all its benefits. Some models of vaporizers are versatile and can vaporize dry herbs, waxes, or even CBD oil. It is up to you to choose according to your needs.

It is advisable to prefer convection heating rather than conduction heating. Convection allows a gentler and more homogeneous extraction of cannabinoids while preserving the plant. The aromas of the hemp are thus better preserved, and the active ingredients are less denatured. Choosing a good device like the ones tested and reviewed on Cannavapos website gives you more possibilities to select the CBD vaporizer that suits you and test several cannabis varieties.

Fitbit Charge 4: the connected wristband now focuses more on real activity

The Fitbit Charge 4, just announced, doesn’t change much visually from the previous model. It does, however, incorporate a GPS and SpO2 sensor to focus on active minutes rather than steps, and it’s much smarter.

Already seen through a few rumors, the Fitbit Charge 4 is now official. The excellent activity wristband doesn’t change its look but incorporates some exciting new features. In particular, it is the first tracker of the American brand to have an integrated GPS to track training sessions better outdoors. It must be admitted that in full confinement, it is not the best marketing asset, but there is no doubt that it will be useful to some people as soon as outings are allowed again.

Contactless payment and Spotify

Also, there are other new features such as Spotify management directly on the wrist (remember that despite compatibility with Google Fit and Apple Health, this is a proprietary operating system that animates the object, which limits the number of compatible applications), as well as contactless payment.

Autonomy is announced at 7 days, or 5 hours with the GPS continuously active.

Active minutes rather than steps

Counting the number of steps to motivate oneself to exercise is good, but for those who are exercising with a performance goal, this indicator is far from relevant. After all, walking or running around your block doesn’t require as much energy.

So, as is already the case with some applications, such as Google Fit, for example, the Fitbit Charge 4 carefully monitors all activities that increase the user’s heart rate, with the goal of the 150 minutes per week recommended by the World Health Organization. It also allows those who wish to lose weight to have a better vision of the fat elimination and cardio zones to modulate their exercises correctly.

Sleep and oxygen in the blood

In addition to GPS, the Fitbit Charge 4 gains the sleep tracking function found on the brand’s watches, which we rather appreciated during our test of the Versa 2. The application generates a “sleep score,” which is displayed directly on the screen of the bracelet connected to the alarm clock.

Finally, there is also a SpO2 sensor in the small case that estimates variations in the oxygen saturation rate in the blood. It makes it possible, as on the Honor Band 5, for example, to identify cases of sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders.

For Huawei, the United States can keep their ban up for life

Huawei no longer seems worried about the American embargo on their product. On the contrary: in recent interviews, several managers from the brand declared that they do not need the United States to grow their brand.

It has been the top story in the tech world for several months now: The United States has banned the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. By including it in the Entity List, the Trump government has ensured that American companies are not allowed any interaction with the Chinese entity.

As a direct consequence of this? The impossibility of using Android for smartphones and Windows 10 for laptops. If the situation is still stagnant, and solutions have been tried many times without success, the company seems to have resigned itself and now wants to show its strength.

A bullet in the foot

If it were accepted that Huawei would have to cash in this ban on its business. It is doing very well for the moment. Its latest results show that its sales continue to increase and its profit is still growing, although a little slower. On the United States side, the issue of flexibility is finally on the agenda, while the government should soon validate special authorizations.

An economic player of Huawei’s caliber is not to be taken lightly. And if it continues to grow and flourish in the absence of the American market, The United States has everything to lose. That could well change the situation in the coming months.

The United States removed from the Huawei portfolio

The network equipment manufacturer activity, although less known to the general public, is the most affected by the American ban. On this point, it is the current CEO of Huawei, who says, “We do not expect the United States to remove Huawei from the Entity List. They can keep us there for life because we will be fine without them.

Source of such trust? Huawei is gradually reviewing its 5G device portfolio to eliminate all American technologies, creating 5,000 new stations per month. Some are still present, such as ARM chips, but are produced in offshore factories and are therefore not subject to the ban. They represent “70 to 80%” of the level at which they were previously.

No need for confrontation

In an interview, the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei, said: “We can survive very well without the United States. China’s trade agreements with the United States are not something that concerns us. And for a good reason: “We have virtually no business in the United States.”

However, these statements should not be read as threats of war. The founder tempered this by stating that there had been “no confrontation with the United States” and that Donald Trump could visit them today or after the end of his mandate as he wished.

If Huawei tried to start selling their smartphones on American soil before the government refused, he didn’t need that to climb to third place among international sellers. We, therefore, understand a little more Ren Zhengfei’s position on these stateme

Dangerous and ineffective, why it is not advisable to use a free VPN

Before explaining why the use of a free VPN can be hazardous, it is necessary to go back to the very principle of the VPN and its business model. A VPN is a computer system that allows you to quickly and smoothly relocate your Internet connection to servers located around the world. In other words, you will connect your PC to a server, which will surf the Internet instead of your PC. The data that is received and sent to this server is then encrypted and theoretically inviolable.

The principle is relatively simple to understand and relatively simple to implement when you have some computer knowledge. After all, nothing would prevent you from having a server in your room and making it an access point for a VPN. But VPN providers do not only have one.

More than 50% of free VPNs have more than 3 data trackers

It was revealed in 2016 by a study published by CSIRO (an Australian government agency for scientific research). It examined the content and permissions required by VPN applications for Android after taking a closer look at a corpus of 283 VPNs. From this study, we should note that while two-thirds of paid VPNs have no trackers, this figure drops to less than 30% when it comes to free VPNs. Worse, more than half of the free VPNs had three or more. And that’s not to mention the number of malware present in these applications.

In addition to this unpleasant observation in terms of privacy, there is also a lack of functionalities that we have to expect from a VPN. There is currently no free VPN available to bypass Netflix’s geoblocking and access its American catalog. Few, if not non-existent, are those that allow peer-to-peer downloading. In short, in addition to selling your data to third parties, they do not even provide the necessary uses expected from such a service.

What to do without a pricing model? Resell data!

Not only to ensure software monitoring (connection encryption, kill switch, split tunneling), but also technical control worthy of the name (to ensure the speed and stability of the connection) therefore requires resources. And currently, the only way to maintain this network and provide a satisfactory quality of service is to charge the user. And that’s when the problems with free VPNs start to arise.

Free VPNs then have only two solutions to generate money. The first is to restrict the connection speed or data that passes through their servers to encourage users to switch to paid services. These are the most honest free VPNs but also the most inconvenient.

The other solution is as old as the Internet, “if it’s free, you’re the product.” They include trackers (in the best case) or even malware. In the VPN world more than anywhere else, it is advisable to rely on the major brands to ensure that your data is safe.

Data Security : Raid explained

Data Security is critical

When you decide to equip yourself with a NAS server, you will necessarily have to ask yourself the question of the level of RAID to adopt. Why? Because it secures your data in case of failure of one of the hard disks and it is one of the biggest avantages des serveurs NAS. All the boxes with at least 2 bays offer at least one type of RAID. The question is which RAID to choose to maintain the balance between performance and data protection.

What is Raid?

RAID is traditionally used in companies where performance optimization and data protection are essential. But with the development of the NAS market for home users and the increasing data storage needs of consumers, RAID is also making its way to us.

The acronym RAID first appeared in an article published in 1987 by the University of Berkeley entitled A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID. The cost of data storage is no longer such a problem today, so the acronym has evolved to “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”.

This refers to the types of data distribution over multiple hard drives that aim to improve their performance or fault tolerance, or both, while ensuring the security of the recorded data.

The type of RAID defined depends on the data protection you want to adopt and the use you will make of it.

The different type of Raid for a Nas server


raid 0 system explainedRAID 0 is the protection type……. level 0. It is chosen by those who seek performance first and foremost. The data is written to several disks considered as a single volume. All discs can work at the same time and increase the read/write speed proportionally. However, the failure of a single hard disk will result in the loss of all your data.

Storage capacity is added between each disk unless you have a smaller disk size. In this case, the capacity of each disk will be limited to the size of the smallest disk. For example if you have 2 hard disks of 2TO and 2 hard disks of 1TO, the available volume will not be 2+2+1+1+1 or 6 TO but only 1+1+1+1 or 4 TO.

Not so interesting, is it?


JBOD for “Just a Bunch Of Disks” assembles all the disks into a single storage volume. But unlike RAID 0, the data is not distributed between the disks but recorded separately from one disk to another. In the event of a failure of one of the disks, you will only lose the information saved on that disk.

The volumes of each disc add up, regardless of the size of each disc. However, you will not benefit from the performance of RAID 0.


raid 1RAID 1 is a kind of mirror backup. Data is recorded simultaneously from one disc to another, generating a replica of everything you do. If one of the discs fails, you can continue to work with the other. This is the simplest method of data protection. Be careful not to inadvertently delete a folder, however, as the action will be reproduced on the other disk.

The most constraining aspect is that you divide your storage capacity by 2 since all your data is duplicated.


raid 5RAID 5 is the configuration that offers the most benefits. This level offers better performance than RAID 1 mirroring while protecting your data. However, you will need a NAS with at least 3 hard disks. The total size of the storage volume is the capacity of the smallest disk multiplied by the number of disks minus one. If you have 4 disks of 1TB configured as RAID 5, you will have 3TB of available space.

The volume removed is used as a “parity” divided on all discs. This parity makes it possible to rebuild the contents of the disks if one of them were to fail. The system continues to operate while you replace the disk with reduced performance.


raid 6RAID 6 is identical to RAID 5 but provides even more security because instead of using one parity block, it uses two. You can have two failed disks without losing data.

Operation in RAID 6 requires at least 4 hard disks.

RAID 10 is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0 also called RAID 1+0. 4 is the minimum number of disks, you can set 2 disks to RAID 0 to take advantage of the performance gain to work on temporary files for example and secure your data on 2 mirror disks with RAID 1.


raid 10The choice of RAID is not crucial because it can be modified in the settings of your NAS. However, a bad choice and failure of your system can have serious consequences on your productivity or on the backup of your data. So take the time to choose a RAID that will allow you to protect your most important data and take into account the space consumed when choosing your hard drives.

Don’t forget one important thing. Setting up your disks as RAID does not mean securing your data. In the event of fire, theft, etc., your data may be lost forever. So don’t hesitate to back up your data from time to time to an external hard drive that you keep in a place other than your NAS or to use the automatic backups to online clouds offered by most NAS.

The smartphone market is in trouble: Samsung and LG announce results worse than Apple

The Chinese smartphone market is in total decline and is believed to be mostly responsible for the failures of Apple, Samsung and LG this quarter. The decline could continue in 2019.

Apple is not the only company that has suffered the most this quarter, since the publication of a historical warning on its sales figures. In parallel with their announcements at the CES, Samsung and LG both reported poor results during the last three months of 2018. The Korean giants are recording much stronger falls than Apple’s and are anticipating a very tricky start to 2019.

LG and Samsung performing worse than Apple

For the last quarter of 2018, Samsung Electronics will shortly publish its revenue; it is expected to be 59 trillion won or $52.5 billion, according to the company. It is much less than the 58.8 billion expected by analysts and is above all a spectacular 11% drop over the past year. In comparison, Apple’s expected revenue this quarter ($84 billion) represents only a 5% decrease from last year. It is enough to put the Apple “catastrophe” into perspective.

On the LG side, the results are equally alarming. Its turnover (14 billion dollars) fell by 7% year-on-year, and its profit fell by… 80%. The company only achieved a margin of 67 million compared to 344.3 million a year ago — a phenomenal loss.

Different explanations

How can such a fall be explained for these three companies? In its warning, Samsung explains that it is suffering from a drop in demand for components, particularly in its memory division. The world leader also admits suffering the consequences of intense competition, without mentioning Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei.

On LG’s side, the smartphone is indeed not the first element to be questioned, as the company only represents 3% of the market. The Korean does not give any details, although analysts suspect a decline in TV margins. Apple points to several reasons, such as the slowdown in the global economy, tensions with China or low renewal among iPhone users.

Chinese market in free fall

In parallel with these announcements, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, an organization managed by the Chinese government, published its review of the smartphone market in 2018. Very interestingly, it shows that mobile sales fell by 15.5% year-on-year in China (390 million units) and by 17% in December alone, the most significant month of the last quarter.

How can we explain the decline of the Chinese market, which is the largest in the world?

According to the analysis firm Canalys interviewed by Reuters, China has become a mature market, with less smartphone renewal than in the past. The economic war between the United States and China and the mistrust of certain manufacturers would have reduced the interest of Chinese consumers. With entry-level devices increasingly more efficient and designed by local companies, all analysts agree that 2019 will be a complicated year for traditional manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and LG.

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti: a graphics card cut for 100 fps at 4K

The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is Nvidia’s latest addition. This solution announced at over 1200 $ promises first-class performance but what can we expect?

Initial results have just been published.

The publication is signed by Techradar after they were given a shot at the product during the Gamescom exhibition of the GeForce GTX 2080 Ti.

According to them, Nvidia offers the first graphics card capable of providing a worry-free 4K definition. The article is very enthusiastic although it carries the mention of criticism around Nvidia’s new baby. In parallel, it has the merit of being one of the first to offer an overview of the possibilities of this GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

This solution is positioned on the top of the range with the reputation to offer 60 fps under a 4k definition. At the moment no detailed independent tests are available due to the different NDAs imposed by Nvidia.  The preview is only from what is available at Gamescom 2018.

The feedback talks about the 4K and points out that for some games the results are positive with 100 FPS with graphics options on Ultra. The map is a Founders Edition. It is accompanied by an overclocking at the gearbox output of +90 MHz.

One of the titles named is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This title is not a surprise since it was used by Nvidia to highlight its RTX (Ray Tracing) technology. It is to be noted that this title is at the origin of a polemic concerning the observed performances.

For the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, independent testing is required

This GeForce RTX 2080 Ti looks good at first glance, but some articles point to a controversial performance with RTX games. On this point, it is necessary to wait. Nvidia and the developers still have a few weeks to refine the drivers and the different patches.

If you attended the Nvidia conference, this presentation of the Geforce RTX 20 series focused on the RTX. Nvidia did not mention the performance of its new products in RTX titles or not. 

Most of its GeForce RTX 20s are already out of stock at several retailers. The demand is therefore there because of a morose graphics card market for some time. One of the rules is often to wait for a little because impatience is expensive. So before paying more than 1200 $ for his beloved PC, it is advisable to wait until the publication of independent tests, to get an overview of the behavior of his solutions in a software environment of everyone.


Microsoft Office 2019: Preview version is online

Microsoft Office 2019

Still scheduled for an upcoming release this year, the Microsoft Office 2019 suite is taking its first steps.

In a post on its official blog, Microsoft announces that Preview versions of its famous software are available to business users.

More powerful, more ergonomic, more secure. The Office 2019 suite relies on this trio of superlatives to convince.

Reserved for Microsoft Business customers, the Office 2019 Preview is available since last Friday and allows you to taste the many new features of this new version.

As the Microsoft blog post makes clear, the American firm is primarily targeting companies that have not yet switched to Office 365. Microsoft seems indeed to want to push its customers to pass the Cape of the Cloud, which has a more profitable business model in the long term: the subscription.

What’s new for Office 2019?

excel in actionSince Friday, Business users of the Office suite can test new software Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Project, Visio and OneNote.

Exclusively available for Windows 10 (a macOS version will follow), this new version focuses on very technical innovations. It will include a more accessible pencil case, making it easier to annotate any document. The use of a stylus or a tablet will be facilitated through all the applications of the suite.

Excel, for its part, will benefit from new formulas, but mainly from brand new diagrams. For example, you can opt for tunnel displays or 2D maps.

PowerPoint, finally, will offer new and modern presentation possibilities.

The final version of Office 2019 will also contain revised iterations of Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server and Skype for Business.

Available only on Windows

To develop the use of Windows 10, especially in companies, Microsoft announced on February 1, 2018, that its new Office 2019 package would not be supported by Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

The restriction of software to Windows 10 and the use of Click-to-Run installation files are gradually removing users from older operating systems.

An exclusive update

Only Windows 10 users will be able to benefit from the update of the Office Pack, according to the announcement made by Microsoft on February 1. The software, which should be released in the second half of 2018, therefore puts aside users of Windows 8.1 and especially Windows 7, still numerous. In January 2018, NetMarketShare referenced more than 44% of users on Windows 7.

The computer giant tends to make old versions of its operating system obsolete to force companies to get the most recent one. For individuals, the alternative is to continue using Office 2013 or 2016.

Snapchat launches group video calls for up to 16 people

Available today, Snapchat audio and video calls allow you to chat with a host of friends simultaneously.

Faced with an ever more powerful Instagram and a new formula that is not unanimously accepted, Snapchat must continue to attract new users if it wishes to survive. Its solution: diversify from its original formula and propose new functionalities. With group audio and video calls, the social network turns into a perfect messaging service for large groups of friends or large families.

Up to 32 people

Now, group members can initiate a call that will invite all users to join a conversation. If a friend cannot arrive for several minutes and a discussion is in progress, they can join the call as soon as they come. A total of 32 people can join an audio group call while video calls are limited to 16 people. It is less than the 50 users allowed by Facebook Messenger, whose function was largely inspired.

Of course, Snapchat requires, you can customize your face with filters during a video call. Chatting with a puppy head is funnier.

Operation Seduction

Snapchat takes advantage of this announcement to officialize the arrival of the mentions in the Stories. In other words: social network users will be able to identify someone in their posts and put a link to their Snapchat profile. A feature Instagram Stories users will recognize.

This week, Snap also aired its first television commercial with the mission of explaining what the application is for adults. Interestingly enough, Snapchat defines itself as a “camera” rather than a social network and shows grandparents using the app.

As a reminder, searches in Instagram’s code revealed the upcoming arrival of audio/video calls in the application. It is a new sector on which the two services will be able to wage war!

Google working on a mid-range Pixel tailored for the Indian market

Google is set to launch a new batch of its flagship mobile products on Indian soil, including a new mid-range Pixel model.

The 14% increase in smartphone sales in India in 2017 has not gone unnoticed, and Google expects to benefit from it. The American firm would thus prepare to market this summer a new telephone on Indian soil, to collect shares on Samsung and Apple, the two mastodons in the country. According to information obtained by the English-language newspaper Economic Times, Google should indeed present a new model of the Pixel series – it’s 100% home-made mobiles -, specially designed for India. On the technical side, LG, HTC, and Huawei, who all have assembly lines in India, would be in the running to build the mobile. The characteristics of the phone are still unknown. However, it would a priori be a mid-range smartphone. A first for the Pixel range.

An aggressive communication and marketing would accompany this new model.

In spearhead, a multiplication of physical points of sale, a practice highly appreciated on the Indian market. While Singapore retailer Redington would provide the stores, “Google will place billboards and branded areas at selected retailers, as Apple is already doing,” an informed source told the Economic Times.

This mid-range pixel would not cross Indian borders alone. Google would also like to import Google Home and Google Home mini by the end of April 2018. In the meantime, part of the Nest brand’s catalog of connected products should follow. Finally, the Pixelbook, the brand’s premium computer, will be available within a year.

India thus enters the closed circle of countries where a Pixel is for sale. A privilege still denied to France. But Google seems to open, which can leave a hope to see these mobiles arrive one day in the hexagon. Anyway, still according to Electronic Times sources, it is not excluded that this smartphone will be available in other markets economically similar to India.

How To Clean and Free space on Your Macintosh

If you are a heavy Mac user or you have had it for years, it is possible you be wondering whether at times the cost was justifiable. The good news is that you may not have to buy a new Mac to continue enjoying the high speeds you took it out of the box.
In this article, we are going to look at how to improve the speeds and performance of your Macintosh and especially comment nettoyer son mac.

Many reasons could cause your Mac to run slow or experience a decline in performance. The two leading causes are old and performance; one is old age, the other is if your hard disk is full. In the case of old age, it’s possible your operating system was not designed to work with some of the apps in use. In other cases, some of the background processes have become muddled, that can happen when permissions are broken, or the machine wasn’t shut down properly.

At other times, it could be because you have so many things running at once when you start your machine. That also happens when the device isn’t properly shut down, and therefore apps are left running in the background for weeks. In case of a hard disk getting full, it becomes tedious to fetch files scattered all the storage area, which slows down the machine.

Cleaning Software

One of the easiest ways to clean your Mac is using cleaning software. A good example is the “Trim Enabler 4,” which automates the process for you. The software will cleverly monitor your SSD’s health, improve the overall performance of your Mac, and allow you to benchmark your Mac’s performance. You get to download a trial version here and to get a feel for how it works.

Cleaning Manually

Close Unnecessary Apps

If you choose to clean your Macintosh manually to speed it up, the first step is to close any background apps. It’s possible that you have numerous apps running in the background yet you haven’t used them for weeks.

Press “Cmd-Tab,” to see which programs are running; the App Switcher will open up and list all the open apps. To close the unused programs, press “Cmd-Q.” If you notice a program with a “Force Quit” option, close it, because it’s one of those unresponsive programs slowing your machine. In cases where you don’t need the unresponsive program, the best way is to uninstall it.

Power Hungry Applications

You can use the Activity Monitor located in the utility folder to view resource intensive application. You may also press “Cmd-space,” then type “activity,” then press “enter”.

Clean My Mac is a solid Application!

Next, you need to click “View,” and select Windowed processes. That’s important to avoid closing important processes that you aren’t supposed to close. Next, click the CPU button, and now to list all programs’ CPU usage, click the “%CPU” column. Do the same for Disk, Network, and Memory usages.

You may close any apps you see using a huge chunk of CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk by selecting the app with your mouse, and then clicking the “x” appearing at the Activity Monitor’s left-hand corner. Once you close it, update it if you haven’t done so for a while.

Disk Space

Your Mac needs at least 10% of your SSD space to be free for its use in reading and writing swap files. Contiguous free space is necessary for that to happen, which means that as a rule of thumb, you need to have a minimum of 20% free space. That will allow you to work and clean your files periodically while still allowing your machine free disk space for an optimal experience.

If you don’t have that much space left, simply your bigger media files to another storage device, and leave only data that you are working on. To find out how much space you have left, click the Apple Logo, and then click “About this Mac.” Next click on the storage tab, the app will calculate how much space is in use, and how it is used.

Overall, you will find that media apps use most of the space. You can also download software for managing space such as OmniDiskSweeper, and use it to free some space.

After freeing some disk space to about 15%, closing and then updating resource intensive apps, you should be able to see an improvement in speed of your Macintosh. We hope that you found this article to be informative, and useful.

Xbox One VS PS4 – Time to look at the numbers !

Xbox One: 35 million console consoles sold… versus 76 million PS4s sold!

According to reputed tech analysts, Microsoft has sold a total of 35 million Xbox One… compared to more than 76 million PS4s for Sony.

Unofficial figures for the Xbox One


For a few years now, Microsoft has refused to reveal the sales figures of its Xbox One console. The latest official results date back to November 2014, a time when Microsoft proudly announced that it had reached 10 million console sales. In early 2016, Electronic Arts announced that just under 20 million Xbox One units had found a home.

A silence that according to some people stems from a certain failure on the part of Microsoft, after an amazing run with their flagship. product Xbox 360 that held the expectations high at the PS3. On this new generation console, the PS4 has an impressive track record with more than 76 million consoles sold worldwide. According to Daniel Ahmad, a video game market data specialist, Microsoft has sold 35 million Xbox One units worldwide. A disappointing score for the American giant, well below PS4, which would have a hard time climbing to these numbers…

The PS4 and Xbox One hit the market at the end of 2013, only a few days apart. Sony’s console was rapidly able to take the lead on the American console, thanks in particular to a better price positioning, namely 399 euros for the PS4 versus 499 euros for the Xbox One. Added to this is a rather disastrous communication from Microsoft during the first few months, without forgetting the famous “exclusivity”, stronger and more numerous on PS4 than on Xbox One.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Review

Owning a drone is almost becoming a necessity in this era and age where technology is developing massively. However, the biggest problem, especially for first-time buyers, comes in when they have to choose a drone that suits their needs. In this article, we focus on one of the best drones currently on the market to help you make informed decisions to acheter drone avec camera.

About the DJI high end drone

DJI Phantom 4 Pro focuses on giving you the best camera quality you can get in the market. It comes from a company that has been on the market for a long time and one that has a reputation for manufacturing quality products.

Here are some of its main features:

Has a high-quality battery allowing 30 mns flights
Has easy to navigate controls and remote control integrated screen
Has a top speed of 45 miles per hour
Has multiple fight modes
Has a 4k video recording capacity through a 1inch CMOS censor
Has a 16 GB memory card that allows for greater coverage of videos and images


DJI Phantom 4 drones are very efficient due to their high-quality cameras.
Its longer flight time makes it convenient
It suits both the novices and the professionals in the field because of its easy to use features
Has additional features like a 16 GB memory card that gives you wider options


The DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone is very expensive

p 4 pro in flight


The DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best drones currently. Without considering its price tag, the drone has some amazing features that would suit any drone lover. Bearing in it is easy to use shows that even beginners can purchase it.

With additional features such as a big memory card and high-quality cameras enhance convenience. Its top quality batteries give it a longer flight time thereby giving it an upper hand against its competitors. Always look at your requirements before going for any particular brand.

Credit Start Up To Target Generation Z And Millennials

The problem; the younger generation are increasingly wary of credit cards. They don’t want to be in debt like their parents’ generation. So wily credit card companies are attempting to challenge that.

Research has shown that just 33% of young Americans aged between 18-29 have a credit card, a fact that has caused concern amongst card providers.

But also, without credit cards, these younger people are finding it harder to build up a credit rating, which will enable them to take out a mortgage and get a foot on the property ladder later on.

Now there are several companies which are engaging with this generation, to offer them ways of building credit.

One of which is Deserve, who have recently changed their name from SelfScore. This is a start-up company which is based in Menlo Park.

The company which has worked together with international students, has come up with a card which is intended to be attractive to this lost generation of credit users.

Principally aimed at younger adults, teens and Generation Z, Deserve have made $12 million available in funds with partners from Accel, Aspect Ventures and more besides.

According to the company’s co-founder, Kalpesh Kapadia, these millennials are in a Catch 22 situation, whereby the lack of credit is perpetuating a problem in obtaining credit. To get off this treadmill they have been targeted by the firm.

Deserve believes that this age group should be given the opportunity to build up their credit rating, where other companies have given them the brush off.

Of course, there is always a risk with offering credit to people who have no credit history and the company will have to take the chance that their investment will not be repaid. But, as with all high risk credit ventures, they come with a higher interest rate to counter that eventuality.

Instead of using a credit rating score in order to decide who should be offered a credit card, Depend have another way of assessing the eligibility for their services.

Their novel method of deciding who should be given this line of credit is to use machine learning to find criteria such as self-discipline, employment, levels of education and reliability.

One of the investors from partner company Accel stated that this new method of assessing financial worthiness is very interesting and could be the way forward for the future.

This is a learning opportunity for the industry to determine who should be given credit, without already having a prior credit rating.

Whether Generation Z and the Millennials will embrace this technology and decide that they want to take up credit, remains to be seen. But for those that do, they are being given the chance to build their credit rating for the future.

More than that, this could be used as a way of helping to create a future with financial independence for this younger generation – which could help them to get mortgages later on.

It is possible that the younger generation have learned from their parents’ mistakes and have turned their backs on credit and the huge debts that go with it – and perhaps they cannot be blamed for that.

But what Deserve is offering could prove too good to be true – a way for them to obtain a credit rating, without having to first already have a credit history.

The Chinese company DJI offers a system for the detection of its drones.

A world leader, the Chinese firm markets a system that allows police forces to locate its drones near sensitive areas.

drones are dangerousThe rise of UAVs has, in turn, created an emerging but insistent demand: the possibility of detecting them.

The international regulations, which will be implemented in the coming months, provide, like the future European standards, that each aircraft must have a registration in the form of an electronic signature.

At the same time, sensitive areas around airports, nuclear power stations, and major public events are beginning to be equipped with sophisticated detection systems. The Chinese DJI, the world’s number one leisure drones, wants to occupy this field by offering the public authorities equipment capable of locating its drones, AeroScope, unveiled on 12 October in Brussels. A way to expand its activity, but also to watch over its image as a company respectful of sensitive data, which has been somewhat shaken up in recent months.

Two-thirds of the world market – AeroScope is a tracking system currently limited to DJI drones. The Shenzhen-based company has between 60 and 65 % of the market for leisure equipment, which is a significant basis. Also, this feature, which identifies – but not neutralizes – an aircraft, does not require any updates from the pilot. AeroScope is a receiver, available in mobile (medium size suitcase) or a fixed mode, able to detect – “up to a distance of 5 km”, say its designers – a small drone, identifying the wifi link that connects it to the pilot’s radio control. Once located, the AeroScope’s display receives telemetry data from the drone: GPS position, altitude, speed, but also the serial number of the aircraft as well as its direction and location from which it took off.

Two airports under test

DJI, which does not indicate the price of the equipment (which will have to be much cheaper than sophisticated detectors, derived from military radars, to be widely distributed), only indicates that it will be available in the coming weeks. In addition to airports – two of them are currently in the testing phase – AeroScope is intended for use by the police, for example, to monitor an event, or in prisons to detect the approach of suspect UAVs.

DJI matrice range of quadsThe challenge now is to convince the competition – Parrot, Yuneec, GoPro – to integrate a compatible wifi signature (DJI is willing to “open its protocol”) to make its drones like the DJI Care Mavic Pro identifiable. On the other hand, it will be more difficult for “homemade” quadcopters by enlightened amateurs. To protect consumer privacy, AeroScope will not automatically transmit personally identifiable information until required by regulation,” says DJI.

Offline Mode

Although nothing to date has substantiated these fears, DJI’s leaders have decided to take immediate action. A few days before presenting AeroScope, they announced the release of a “Local Data” mode to interrupt the Internet connection of the DJI GO 4 application to ensure that no data leaves the drone or tablet used to fly it. Even if it means depriving itself of certain information, such as local flight restrictions.

This electronic equipment, which no one can guarantee will be completely effective – particularly against UAVs flying in programmed mode – also allows DJI to take the lead while awaiting the introduction of registration and identification devices that will soon be imposed on recreational UAV users.

iPhone: Will iOS 11.1 solve autonomy issues?

iOS 11.1

The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system could save iPhone users two to four hours of battery life.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS has accumulated bugs and problems with its autonomy over the past few months. The good news is that it seems that the Apple brand has done what it takes to give some juice back to the iPhone with version 11.1. Endurance tests of devices equipped with beta four are emerging, and the results are encouraging.

iDevicesHelp has thus tested the autonomy of three different iPhone -a 6 Plus, a 7 Plus, and an 8 Plus- with the version 11.0.3 of iOS, then with the version 11.1 beta 4, a screen lit and chronometer in operation. In the first case, the devices gave up after 4h to 4h45 of activity. In the second, the iPhone 7 Plus gained 2.5 hours of battery life, the 6 Plus lasted 3 hours longer and the 8 Plus nearly 4 hours. Results that the Youtuber confirmed by re-testing the complete test.

Obviously, the conditions of this test do not correspond to the classic use of a smartphone, so such gains, in reality, are not to be expected. The final version of iOS 11.1 is expected to be released for the iPhone X release on November 3rd. 01net’s lab will be doing its autonomy tests at that time.

New LG Display: 80 inch 8K and 40 inches Oled TV Ultra HD in 2019

presentation of oled screens

On the occasion of the 2017 Europe Oled Day event, LG Display – the leading supplier of Oled screens for TVs – presented its plans for the coming years.

The growth of LG Display in the TV segment is impressive. By 2015, the manufacturer had only two customers: LG Electronics, of course, which carried the Oled technology, and Panasonic, which was one of the first TV manufacturers to make contact with the Korean company, Panasonic TX-65CZ950E.

Today, the company supplies 13 manufacturers (LG, Sony, Panasonic, Loewe, Philips, Skyworth, Metz, Konka, Grundig, Changhong, Vestel, Toshiba and Bang & Olufsen). As a result of this interest in Oled, a new P10 plant in Paju, South Korea will ensure that sufficient volumes are supplied to all manufacturers. In 2016, LG Display produced just under one million large-sized Oled tiles. This figure rises to almost 2 million this year, and LG Display is counting on 3 million units next year and more than 6 million in 2020.

In 2018, LG Display does not expect much change in the range. The manufacturer continues to supply 55,65 and 77-inch Ultra HD screens as well as a 55 inch Full HD screen.

lg oled tvThe first change in the range is expected to take place in 2019 with the arrival of the first 80-inch tiles supporting 8K definition. However, this definition is of little interest in Europe for example, where Ultra HD/4K content is already very limited.

While by 2020, Ultra HD content is expected to multiply through the streaming and democratization of Ultra HD Blu-ray, 8K content still seems to be inaccessible with current technical means (limited bandwidth on the Internet and via DTT multiplex). LG Display concentrates on design, especially with its original screens for professional display (double-sided, concave, convex, transparent) and also a few outlets in the consumer segment (window wallpaper screens, rollable and flexible).

Another information that does not appear in the presentation: LG Display prepares many Oled screens with a diagonal of 40 to 49 inches for the European market.
However, production of these screens is not expected until 2019. We can, therefore, expect to see commercialization by the end of 2019, or even early 2020. As far as fares are concerned, these tiles will not necessarily be cheap, and Oled 40 to 49-inch televisions should be sold at the same prices as 55-inch models, which offer economies of scale.

Finally, we asked LG Display President Sang-Deog Yeoux if Oled’s mid-sized screens for laptops and PC monitors would be developed. He simply told us that nothing was planned for the time being. The situation is therefore not about to improve on that front. The few laptops equipped with Oled screens and the only Oled monitor on the market (Dell UP3017Q) will, therefore, rely for some time on Oled tiles produced by Samsung Display.

Twitter Launch Transparency Center To Help Users Being Targetted By Political Ads

twitter the social network

In response to the criticism over the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter has unveiled its new ‘transparency center’ which will enforce tougher standards for political adverts on the social media platform.

This comes after the company were placed under fire for allowing adverts, which may have been Russian propaganda, in last year’s election.

The plan is that the Transparency Center will be able to show users the details of adverts on Twitter, with facts such as what length of time they have been up for and if they are aimed at you as a user.

If you think that an advert running on Twitter is unfair or there is something wrong about it, it will be possible to report it.

The media giant is especially concerned about political adverts and anything that may be seen as campaigning for a political party, person or cause.

In this new transparency center, readers will be able to discover more about these political ads and see which demographic have been picked out to be shown the adverts.

Additionally, the transparency center will show how much a certain political candidate, cause or campaign has spent on advertising.

Initially it will only be the USA where these initiatives will be focused, but in time, this information should also be available to be accessed all over the globe.

In a similar move, Facebook also announced that they were planning on increasing their transparency, with regards to advertising.

  • Twitter are also considering launching a premium version of their website which would be ad free for subscribers.


  • Although the cost may be prohibitive, the pay back is worth placing an ad on Twitter to grow any business.
  • Compared to Facebook, Twitter ads are about six times the price but the CTR for Twitter is between eight and twenty four times the rate of Facebook.
  • A promoted tweet can boost sales offline, in real life, by up to nearly 30%
  • To promote a trend could cost $200,000 for one twenty four hour period.
  • If you post a linked image in your tweet, it will gain five times as much attention as a simple text based tweet.
  • For B2B marketing, Twitter is essential, with it being the second most popular platform for businesses marketing to other businesses.
  • Nearly 30% of social media users in the USA have a Twitter account
  • Twitter has 310 million active accounts and counting.
  • More than 550 million people have sent a tweet.
  • Another 500 million read Twitter without ever making a login.
  • Journalists account for nearly a quarter of all Twitter users, making it a vital platform for the media and promotion of business.
  • 83% of World Leaders have Twitter accounts and are active.
  • A B2B marketer with a Twitter account can make twice as many leads as one who does not.
  • 41% of people on Twitter have made a purchase after seeing an advert that was displayed in the last 30 days.