About Us

Launched in 2016, our blog is still young but has been growing at a rapid rate since its inception. Now, its sights are even higher and we are hoping for great things in 2018.

From small beginnings, we now feature around ten blogs a week and plan to expand further as we grow.

Today we have over 5000 subscriptions to our site and continue to grow daily.

Technology is our passion. Bringing news of the latest inventions, start-ups and other techie developments are paramount to us.

We also like to do so with a sense of humour and curiosity.

Unlike other tech sites, which sometimes just repeat the copy that has been published elsewhere, our bloggers actually do their own research.

We are proud to probe into the technical aspects of the latest gadgets, inventions and other innovations. We like to find out exactly how things work and then report back to our readership.

We road test all the latest innovations in the world of tech, for quality, value and longevity.

When it comes to product reviews, our writers actually put them through their paces thoroughly, testing them for robustness as well as efficacy, ease of use and quality of design.

But this is not all that our site does. We want to know what you think too.

Because we know that our readers are also often experts in the field of technology. For this reason, we are always interested to get the public’s verdict on an invention or product.

To share your take on the latest developments, head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think about any of the products and gadgets that we have reviewed.

Finally, we are launching a new section in our website, for our readers to tell us about their own inventions.

We will be giving you the opportunity to showcase your own techie innovations and designs in the New Year, so watch this space for more information!