How To Clean and Free space on Your Macintosh

If you are a heavy Mac user or you have had it for years, it is possible you be wondering whether at times the cost was justifiable. The good news is that you may not have to buy a new Mac to continue enjoying the high speeds you took it out of the box.
In this article, we are going to look at how to improve the speeds and performance of your Macintosh and especially comment nettoyer son mac.

Many reasons could cause your Mac to run slow or experience a decline in performance. The two leading causes are old and performance; one is old age, the other is if your hard disk is full. In the case of old age, it’s possible your operating system was not designed to work with some of the apps in use. In other cases, some of the background processes have become muddled, that can happen when permissions are broken, or the machine wasn’t shut down properly.

At other times, it could be because you have so many things running at once when you start your machine. That also happens when the device isn’t properly shut down, and therefore apps are left running in the background for weeks. In case of a hard disk getting full, it becomes tedious to fetch files scattered all the storage area, which slows down the machine.

Cleaning Software

One of the easiest ways to clean your Mac is using cleaning software. A good example is the “Trim Enabler 4,” which automates the process for you. The software will cleverly monitor your SSD’s health, improve the overall performance of your Mac, and allow you to benchmark your Mac’s performance. You get to download a trial version here and to get a feel for how it works.

Cleaning Manually

Close Unnecessary Apps

If you choose to clean your Macintosh manually to speed it up, the first step is to close any background apps. It’s possible that you have numerous apps running in the background yet you haven’t used them for weeks.

Press “Cmd-Tab,” to see which programs are running; the App Switcher will open up and list all the open apps. To close the unused programs, press “Cmd-Q.” If you notice a program with a “Force Quit” option, close it, because it’s one of those unresponsive programs slowing your machine. In cases where you don’t need the unresponsive program, the best way is to uninstall it.

Power Hungry Applications

You can use the Activity Monitor located in the utility folder to view resource intensive application. You may also press “Cmd-space,” then type “activity,” then press “enter”.

Clean My Mac is a solid Application!

Next, you need to click “View,” and select Windowed processes. That’s important to avoid closing important processes that you aren’t supposed to close. Next, click the CPU button, and now to list all programs’ CPU usage, click the “%CPU” column. Do the same for Disk, Network, and Memory usages.

You may close any apps you see using a huge chunk of CPU, Memory, Network, and Disk by selecting the app with your mouse, and then clicking the “x” appearing at the Activity Monitor’s left-hand corner. Once you close it, update it if you haven’t done so for a while.

Disk Space

Your Mac needs at least 10% of your SSD space to be free for its use in reading and writing swap files. Contiguous free space is necessary for that to happen, which means that as a rule of thumb, you need to have a minimum of 20% free space. That will allow you to work and clean your files periodically while still allowing your machine free disk space for an optimal experience.

If you don’t have that much space left, simply your bigger media files to another storage device, and leave only data that you are working on. To find out how much space you have left, click the Apple Logo, and then click “About this Mac.” Next click on the storage tab, the app will calculate how much space is in use, and how it is used.

Overall, you will find that media apps use most of the space. You can also download software for managing space such as OmniDiskSweeper, and use it to free some space.

After freeing some disk space to about 15%, closing and then updating resource intensive apps, you should be able to see an improvement in speed of your Macintosh. We hope that you found this article to be informative, and useful.

Twitter Launch Transparency Center To Help Users Being Targetted By Political Ads

twitter the social network

In response to the criticism over the 2016 US presidential election, Twitter has unveiled its new ‘transparency center’ which will enforce tougher standards for political adverts on the social media platform.

This comes after the company were placed under fire for allowing adverts, which may have been Russian propaganda, in last year’s election.

The plan is that the Transparency Center will be able to show users the details of adverts on Twitter, with facts such as what length of time they have been up for and if they are aimed at you as a user.

If you think that an advert running on Twitter is unfair or there is something wrong about it, it will be possible to report it.

The media giant is especially concerned about political adverts and anything that may be seen as campaigning for a political party, person or cause.

In this new transparency center, readers will be able to discover more about these political ads and see which demographic have been picked out to be shown the adverts.

Additionally, the transparency center will show how much a certain political candidate, cause or campaign has spent on advertising.

Initially it will only be the USA where these initiatives will be focused, but in time, this information should also be available to be accessed all over the globe.

In a similar move, Facebook also announced that they were planning on increasing their transparency, with regards to advertising.

  • Twitter are also considering launching a premium version of their website which would be ad free for subscribers.


  • Although the cost may be prohibitive, the pay back is worth placing an ad on Twitter to grow any business.
  • Compared to Facebook, Twitter ads are about six times the price but the CTR for Twitter is between eight and twenty four times the rate of Facebook.
  • A promoted tweet can boost sales offline, in real life, by up to nearly 30%
  • To promote a trend could cost $200,000 for one twenty four hour period.
  • If you post a linked image in your tweet, it will gain five times as much attention as a simple text based tweet.
  • For B2B marketing, Twitter is essential, with it being the second most popular platform for businesses marketing to other businesses.
  • Nearly 30% of social media users in the USA have a Twitter account
  • Twitter has 310 million active accounts and counting.
  • More than 550 million people have sent a tweet.
  • Another 500 million read Twitter without ever making a login.
  • Journalists account for nearly a quarter of all Twitter users, making it a vital platform for the media and promotion of business.
  • 83% of World Leaders have Twitter accounts and are active.
  • A B2B marketer with a Twitter account can make twice as many leads as one who does not.
  • 41% of people on Twitter have made a purchase after seeing an advert that was displayed in the last 30 days.