CBD Vaporizer – The New Trendy Tech Product for Stoners

cbd vaporizer reviewed

Cannabis consumption is quickly rising around the globe, with many countries like the US and Israel legalizing its use.

More and more cannabis enthusiasts prefer to vaporize CBD rather than smoke it through joints or ingesting hemp-based products. But to take advantage of all the benefits of the cannabidiol found in the plants, it is still necessary to know how to vaporize it well.

Here are some of our pieces of advice.

Why should you vaporizer cannabinoids?

If the vaporization of CBD meets a growing success, it is because it is much more effective than other modes of consumption of weed or cannabis.

The proportion of CBD absorbed by the body, also called bioavailability, is much more important when vaporizing the product. The bioavailability of CBD is thus around 20% when you use a weed vaporizer as opposed to about 8% by ingestion. Moreover, when you swallow hemp products, it may take some time before the effects are felt. When vaporizing your CBD, it is easier to benefit from CBD quickly and to dose your product. Besides, vaporizing CBD has the reputation of being healthier. Indeed, by vaporizing cannabinoids, you do not inhale the harmful substances produced by combustion. To get the most from your sessions, it is crucial to control the process to get the most out of your hemp and obtain the desired effects. This control is achieved by controlling the right vaporizing temperature and choosing the right vaporizer.

The Pax 3 vaporizer

Choosing the right vaporizing temperature

A vaporizing temperature that is too low will make the cannabinoids evaporate poorly. But if you overheat the product, the hemp will burn and thus emit toxic substances. To get the most of your product, the CBD should be vaporized between 160 and 220°C. The choice of the vaporizing temperature depends on the variety of cannabis and the desired effect. Each cannabinoid present in your hemp has its evaporation point: 180°C for CBD and 150 to 198°C for the different terpenes. If you want a calming and euphoric CBD to vaporize, you can heat the product between 160 and 180°C. The high effect is enhanced at higher temperatures above 190°C and up to 220°C.

Vaporizing CBD will then be more effective in relieving severe pain, sleep problems, or depressive states. Be careful, however, not to increase the vaporizer temperature too much, as the combustion of the plants happens from 220 to 230°C. Finally, if you use grass to vaporize CBD, the temperature must be modulated according to the plant’s moisture. A parched grass vaporizes very quickly and can require to revise the temperature downwards. On the contrary, if the plant is too wet, it can be challenging to extract the cannabinoids. Some vaporizers then make it possible to heat the cannabis between 130 and 150°C to make a flavonoid cycle before vaporizing the CBD.

Choosing the right CBD vaporizer

Quality equipment will allow you to vaporize your CBD effectively to enjoy all its benefits. Some models of vaporizers are versatile and can vaporize dry herbs, waxes, or even CBD oil. It is up to you to choose according to your needs.

It is advisable to prefer convection heating rather than conduction heating. Convection allows a gentler and more homogeneous extraction of cannabinoids while preserving the plant. The aromas of the hemp are thus better preserved, and the active ingredients are less denatured. Choosing a good device like the ones tested and reviewed on Cannavapos website gives you more possibilities to select the CBD vaporizer that suits you and test several cannabis varieties.