Gearbest site is down, customers in total uncertainty

Inaccessible for several days, Gearbest seems dead. According to several sources, the owner of the famous Chinese high-tech e-commerce site is about to declare bankruptcy.
A sudden closure, which leaves the customers of AliExpress’ competitor distraught.

Gearbest brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic

Gearbest has been inaccessible for several days and it seems that it is not ready to return. According to Gizchina, the parent company of AliExpress’ main competitor is about to declare bankruptcy. This former high-tech bargain spot would not have withstood the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first signs were clear: soaring prices on its flagship products, policy changes that were hurting its affiliate partners, loss of customer service quality, pending refunds… the list is long.

Already in 2020, most of the site’s products were out of stock, and when customers did find what they were looking for, Gearbest had trouble fulfilling orders. Those that were were experiencing huge delays. With these logistic problems, a disastrous customer service, and prices not as attractive as before, customers started to desert the site in favor of other solutions like AliExpress and others.

Total uncertainty for the customers

For those who remained, the situation is complicated. With Gearbest’s sudden closure and without a word, customers who recently placed orders are being hurt.

One of them confirmed to our colleagues the impossibility of claiming a cancellation of his order of connected watch, which he has been waiting for a few months. Many other people with an active order should find themselves in the same case, the management of customer service is done mainly by a chat … available only on the site.

And since the refunds requested before the unavailability of the site are still desperately awaited, the situation is likely to become even more complicated at the time of the official closure of the online sales site.

The concern and discontent are similar on the side of the many sites that offer affiliate links to Gearbest. If they have allowed the site to grow and to make a good reputation, the vast majority of them have not received any affiliate income for many months. “They haven’t paid me the more than $1,000 they owe me since March 2020 and I haven’t received a single cent since then,” says one of the partners. In the meantime, the Chinese company is hiding in a morbid silence and refuses to comment on the situation