Google working on a mid-range Pixel tailored for the Indian market

Google is set to launch a new batch of its flagship mobile products on Indian soil, including a new mid-range Pixel model.

The 14% increase in smartphone sales in India in 2017 has not gone unnoticed, and Google expects to benefit from it. The American firm would thus prepare to market this summer a new telephone on Indian soil, to collect shares on Samsung and Apple, the two mastodons in the country. According to information obtained by the English-language newspaper Economic Times, Google should indeed present a new model of the Pixel series – it’s 100% home-made mobiles -, specially designed for India. On the technical side, LG, HTC, and Huawei, who all have assembly lines in India, would be in the running to build the mobile. The characteristics of the phone are still unknown. However, it would a priori be a mid-range smartphone. A first for the Pixel range.

An aggressive communication and marketing would accompany this new model.

In spearhead, a multiplication of physical points of sale, a practice highly appreciated on the Indian market. While Singapore retailer Redington would provide the stores, “Google will place billboards and branded areas at selected retailers, as Apple is already doing,” an informed source told the Economic Times.

This mid-range pixel would not cross Indian borders alone. Google would also like to import Google Home and Google Home mini by the end of April 2018. In the meantime, part of the Nest brand’s catalog of connected products should follow. Finally, the Pixelbook, the brand’s premium computer, will be available within a year.

India thus enters the closed circle of countries where a Pixel is for sale. A privilege still denied to France. But Google seems to open, which can leave a hope to see these mobiles arrive one day in the hexagon. Anyway, still according to Electronic Times sources, it is not excluded that this smartphone will be available in other markets economically similar to India.