iPhone: Will iOS 11.1 solve autonomy issues?

iOS 11.1

The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system could save iPhone users two to four hours of battery life.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS has accumulated bugs and problems with its autonomy over the past few months. The good news is that it seems that the Apple brand has done what it takes to give some juice back to the iPhone with version 11.1. Endurance tests of devices equipped with beta four are emerging, and the results are encouraging.

iDevicesHelp has thus tested the autonomy of three different iPhone -a 6 Plus, a 7 Plus, and an 8 Plus- with the version 11.0.3 of iOS, then with the version 11.1 beta 4, a screen lit and chronometer in operation. In the first case, the devices gave up after 4h to 4h45 of activity. In the second, the iPhone 7 Plus gained 2.5 hours of battery life, the 6 Plus lasted 3 hours longer and the 8 Plus nearly 4 hours. Results that the Youtuber confirmed by re-testing the complete test.

Obviously, the conditions of this test do not correspond to the classic use of a smartphone, so such gains, in reality, are not to be expected. The final version of iOS 11.1 is expected to be released for the iPhone X release on November 3rd. 01net’s lab will be doing its autonomy tests at that time.