Snapchat launches group video calls for up to 16 people

Available today, Snapchat audio and video calls allow you to chat with a host of friends simultaneously.

Faced with an ever more powerful Instagram and a new formula that is not unanimously accepted, Snapchat must continue to attract new users if it wishes to survive. Its solution: diversify from its original formula and propose new functionalities. With group audio and video calls, the social network turns into a perfect messaging service for large groups of friends or large families.

Up to 32 people

Now, group members can initiate a call that will invite all users to join a conversation. If a friend cannot arrive for several minutes and a discussion is in progress, they can join the call as soon as they come. A total of 32 people can join an audio group call while video calls are limited to 16 people. It is less than the 50 users allowed by Facebook Messenger, whose function was largely inspired.

Of course, Snapchat requires, you can customize your face with filters during a video call. Chatting with a puppy head is funnier.

Operation Seduction

Snapchat takes advantage of this announcement to officialize the arrival of the mentions in the Stories. In other words: social network users will be able to identify someone in their posts and put a link to their Snapchat profile. A feature Instagram Stories users will recognize.

This week, Snap also aired its first television commercial with the mission of explaining what the application is for adults. Interestingly enough, Snapchat defines itself as a “camera” rather than a social network and shows grandparents using the app.

As a reminder, searches in Instagram’s code revealed the upcoming arrival of audio/video calls in the application. It is a new sector on which the two services will be able to wage war!