Xbox One VS PS4 – Time to look at the numbers !

Xbox One: 35 million console consoles sold… versus 76 million PS4s sold!

According to reputed tech analysts, Microsoft has sold a total of 35 million Xbox One… compared to more than 76 million PS4s for Sony.

Unofficial figures for the Xbox One


For a few years now, Microsoft has refused to reveal the sales figures of its Xbox One console. The latest official results date back to November 2014, a time when Microsoft proudly announced that it had reached 10 million console sales. In early 2016, Electronic Arts announced that just under 20 million Xbox One units had found a home.

A silence that according to some people stems from a certain failure on the part of Microsoft, after an amazing run with their flagship. product Xbox 360 that held the expectations high at the PS3. On this new generation console, the PS4 has an impressive track record with more than 76 million consoles sold worldwide. According to Daniel Ahmad, a video game market data specialist, Microsoft has sold 35 million Xbox One units worldwide. A disappointing score for the American giant, well below PS4, which would have a hard time climbing to these numbers…

The PS4 and Xbox One hit the market at the end of 2013, only a few days apart. Sony’s console was rapidly able to take the lead on the American console, thanks in particular to a better price positioning, namely 399 euros for the PS4 versus 499 euros for the Xbox One. Added to this is a rather disastrous communication from Microsoft during the first few months, without forgetting the famous “exclusivity”, stronger and more numerous on PS4 than on Xbox One.